PROSTOR is an independent company providing wide range of professional services in the fields of: ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, URBAN PLANNING, CIVIL ENGINEERING, GEODESY, DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES and ENERGY EFFICIENCY with headquarters in Kumanovo, Macedonia.

The company was founded by the local authorities in 1982, as a public service for solving communal problems for the Municipality of Kumanovo. In 1991, PROSTOR was transformed into private company, owned in trust on behalf of its staff. With this kind of ownership structure, we imply objectivity in the company’s work, which supports our striving for professional excellence.

Our team comprises of broad range of professionals, such as architects, planners, civil engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, geodesists, hydro-technical engineers, computer specialists and surveyors. Our working principle is side-by-side collaboration between the professionals from different disciplines, throughout the whole process of a project development. Having such a blend of ideas, we create projects that are more holistic and successful.

Furthermore, our firm has a long and successful background in partnering with many local and international parties. We have always been opened for collaboration and exchange of knowledge and expertise with other firms and individual experts from different professional fields. Such approach in our activities sets us apart from the other practices in Macedonia and the region.

In the decision making process and activities realization, we always comply with the technical regulations, finding the optimal and rational design and technical solutions. As equal members of our society, we obey the ethical and professional standards alongside the interest of the investors, the interest of community and the market requirements.

After so many years of existence, PROSTOR has matured into a symbol of high concentration of experience, expertise and knowledge. The number, quality and complexity of our projects references, are proof of our proficiency and commitment toward progress and innovation, and together with our multi-disciplinary approach, make us the leading company in Macedonia and the region. For our work through the years, we have been awarded many times at Macedonian Architecture Biennale “BIMAS”, “ASK” exhibition etc.